Anthony, Paris

Posted Tuesday March 3rd, 2015


Name/ nickname Anthony

Where do you live ? Paris

Your job? I run the Eiffel Tower!

**Your site, blog, twitter, instagram, or other web stuff ** insta: @banksochocinco. follow me!

Describe yourself in only one sentence :

Why do you have tattoos ? Because that attracted me for a long time but that a little frightened me at the same time, then one day I made the big jump. And since can’ t stop, won’t stop.

How have you chosen the drawing? Drawings and paterns are personal. Then, according to the project type, I turn to one or another tattooer according to their speciality or style. Generally, I give them my initial idea, the main details, then I let them draw. I completely trust my regular tattooers as Maud Dardeau who made for me my more beautiful part : my back. I had given her an initial idea, then she made something raving of which I am extremely proud.

What is your interest in tattoos ? Highly-rated indelible, the fact of having all the time on me this shape of art so incredible.

What or who is your artistic inspiration ? I have many of it. Some of my tattoos represent good moments of my life. Others represent darker moments. My family is represented in my tattoos, journeys, my passion for cats (thank you again Mikael de Poissy ! who tattooed me the portrait of my cat ahaha), religious representations, the death is omnipresent. I have a beautiful collection of skulls on the body. And naturally, Simpsons which I adore. Others represent nothing special. I have many bullshit also. It is the advantage when we are covered by tattoos : we can allow to make some small debilities to block holes hahaha!

Who is/ are the Tattooist(s) who have stung you ? Laura Satana (Exxxotic tattoos), Mikael de Poissy, Issa (Unique Horn) , Walter Hego (l’Encrerie) , David Sena (SenaSpace), Pierre Oked (Tin-tin Tatouages), Eric Gonzales (Deer’s eye studio)…. and soon Chuey Quintanar (Deer’s eye studio). I’m quite proud of my “All Stars” tattoo.

What is the story of your tattoos (numbers, place, … ) ? I cannot count them anymore, it’s a kind of mix, I would never touch my face, hands or neck. I work in suit, and in France, the perception of the tattoo has a lot of delay compared to the other countries. And then even if I would say that I tattooed 2/3 of my body, I like showing them only if I want it, I have to prove nothing to nobody…

When did you start ? I began 10 years ago. A young tattoo shop in New Jersey where I made 2 letterings. Of which one that I am removing with the laser. Because it badly aged and because it bothers me to make a very big tattoo on my chest. Then 2 or 3 years later, Laura Satana began my first beautiful tattoo.:)

What was the reaction of your friends and family ? sharply divided, my family thinks that I am totally crazy lol! But although they are not interested in it at all, they know how to appreciate the “quality” of my tattoos, that pleases me. My friends find them cool and support me completely in my frenzies but they also think that I am crazy.

Your next tattoo ? So, the planned next ones : in a 1 week! Maud Dardeau ends my shin ( ouch ). Then in June, Maud (yes always:)) tattoos me a huge owl on all my chest. Then at the end of August, I have finally an appointment with Chuey Quintanar near Los Angeles (3 years of wait) who is going to stung me the right thigh. I also have some small tattoos planned here and there 🙂

When you will be an old man/ old woman ? When people ask me this question, that irritates me generally I answer them: ” you really believe that I have something to do of how I would be when I would be 70 years old?! I live my life completely today! I am going not to slow down to have fun even when I would be old! ” Most of the people who ask me this question are most of the time frustrated to have had never got the nerve to be tattooed or to go completely to their frenzies while they are dying there.

Your favorite picture ? Artist ? “In Voluptate Mors” Salvador Dali. Maud Dardeau did this tattoo on my calf

Your favorite restaurant ? The Cheesecake Factory.

The perfect song ? Elie Goulding – Lights

Anthony, Paris

Posted Tuesday March 3rd, 2015