Chris, Paris

Posted Tuesday July 29th, 2014

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Name/ nickname Chris

Where do you live ? Paris

Your job? Barman

Describe yourself in only one sentence : I do not go into compartments I like cultivating the difference

Why do you have tattoos ? A passion which broadcasts my life

What is your interest in tattoos ? I like bod-mod

Who is/ are the Tattooist(s) who have stung you ? Andromak et Tintin

What is the story of your tattoos (numbers, place, … ) ? I am tattooed on the complete arms, the complete back, the trunk, the skull, the finger and it is the evolution of my life

When did you start ? 25 yo

What was the reaction of your friends and family ? My circle of acquaintances accepts but finds that I have got too much tattoos

Your next tattoo ? In next September on trapezes

What would be your definition of the tattoo ? art on the body and physical modification

When you will be an old man/ old woman ? I do not think of it, it is already necessary to be alive…

Your favorite picture ? Artist ? I like abstract art and the old school

Your favorite restaurant ? “les garçons dans la cuisine” in the marais

The perfect song ? Live free or to die

Your site, blog, twitter, instagram, or other web stuff … On “wanted” a model agency

What entertains you right now ? My change of sexual identity

Chris, Paris

Posted Tuesday July 29th, 2014