Claire, Quai Branly

Posted Tuesday November 4th, 2014

ClaireName/ nickname Claire

Where do you live ? Le Perreux sur marne

Your job? Student in decorative arts, soon due to leave for an internship on the Borneo Island with a tribe Dayak tribe to learn the technique of Ikat, traditional weaving of this culture.

Describe yourself in only one sentence : Incredibly helped by the fate and my good star, I go where the wind carries me.

Why do you have tattoos ? To keep a track, a mark of moment, of period, of a strong event, of a state of mind in which I was as I decided to make this tattoo.

What is your interest in tattoos ? The eternal ornamental side and the way he can reveal or modify the image that we have substance. But also the intimate and personal aspect which can express the fact that it represents something to engrave and of internal to each of us. It is a way of revealing your personality in image while keeping it so a little for one given that every tattoo can have a sense (or not) different.

What or who is your artistic inspiration ? I like the art generally but all the more the abstract representation which bases itself more on a balance of the image for me and one felt. The aspect engraving and impression typifies buffer by highly-rated raw and spontaneous affects me so a lot.

Who is/ are the Tattooist(s) who have stung you ? By being only in my first tattoo I have 36 addresses in my assets and the one that I chose was indicated to me by word of mouth. I thus was be tattooed at Abraxas Beaubourg

What is the story of your tattoos (numbers, place, … ) ? Little before being major I knew that I wanted be tattooed. Once my last 18 years I put one certain times before finding one motives which pleased me, knowing that the essential point was that he must be drawn by my small hands. Finally I have never made tattoo this motive because it did not please me enough and the click was a long time coming. It is finally this year in the course of which I obtained my diploma for which I worked on the creation of motives applied to my project of the end of study that I finally found THE motive which made ” tilt “. Instinctively I knew that it was the one and not an other one with regard to the meaning there which it had for me and what it made me feel when I saw it. Its location was also an obvious fact, at the same time hidden but visible in my own good time, I decided to make it in the nape of the neck. The period in which I made tattooed was marked by a chain of events so positive, negative, unexpected as deeply moving and I think that there will be for ever for me a symbol in connection with this period of my life.
Negative, unexpected that deeply moving and I think that there will be for ever for me a symbol in connection with this period of my life.

When did you start ? 21 yo

What was the reaction of your friends and family ? My most close friends have me all say that it corresponded to me perfectly and that it was a very good choice. My family was a little more perplexed, I shall always remember my father saying to me when he saw it the first time: ” even if it means making you tattoo you would have been able to make something beautiful! ”

Your next tattoo ? I think that the fellow man will be very soon made, I do not still know what but I have the presentiment that my journey in Borneo will be rather decisive. As we can see it in the exhibition tattooers – tattooed which took place in the quay Branly, this country has a practice of the rather characteristic tattoo and in link with a lot of symbol in their culture and their way of life.

What would be your definition of the tattoo ? An art which allows to express itself as well for the tattooer as for the tattooed.

When you will be an old man/ old woman ? It is exactly what what makes the charm of the tattoo according to me, he tells a history, and what of better than the body of an old person to tell a heap of history…

Your favorite picture ? Artist ? There is too much and I can’t remember all

Your favorite restaurant ? Kloung Soukhothai, a quite small Thai restaurant which fills you the just stomach with savours, it is magic!

The perfect song ? Everything depends on my humor, I listen to absolutely of everything. But I believe that since a good moment it is Ocean de John Butler Trio who follows me in the track.

Your site, blog, twitter, instagram, or other web stuff … not yet but soon

What entertains you right now ? The preparation of my journey and to see what the life changes and you with. It is necessary to cultivate the unexpected! For that I try to be mostly in agreement with myself, it is important to know what we like and whom we are.

Claire, Quai Branly

Posted Tuesday November 4th, 2014