Elisa C Rossow, Paris-Montreal

Posted Wednesday March 25th, 2015

Elisa C Rossow

Name/ nickname Elisa

Where do you live ? Montreal, before Nice and Paris, France


Describe yourself in only one sentence : idea-maker

Why do you have tattoos ? For the memories, the feelings, the moments to never forget .

What is your interest in tattoos ? The permanent side, the appropriate story,The body as the canvas of a painter

What or who is your artistic inspiration ? The photo, movies, music

Who is/ are the Tattooist(s) who have stung you ?
Greg laraigné chez IMAGO
-Cory chez SIN CITY
Krista Bursey

What is the story of your tattoos (numbers, place, … ) ?
Points were scattered on all my body, it is not ” where is charlie ” but Where are the points? The first point is marked with a number 1 and the number of points increases regularly.
My hung, the slogan of my life to be deciphered.
The important dates. All which is written on my body, is typed with the typewriter which belonged to my grandmother.
There is also half of the logo of my fashion brand , which is one bonsai scissors .
” thunderbird track “, Indian symbol.

When did you start ? 19 years old

What was the reaction of your friends and family ?
Rather negative reaction!
My father told me: ” it’s a pity you had so beautiful arms “.

Your next tattoo ?
Very soon, One of my very good friends is a painter and he is drawing me of what…… what he is doing is just sick, I can’t wait! www.cieu.fr

What would be your definition of the tattoo ?
A continuation of my ideas engraved on my skin.

When you will be an old man/ old woman ?
We can read my life on my body

Your favorite picture ? Artist ?
Jackson Pollock

Your favorite restaurant ?
SPRING in Paris, the restaurant of my friend Daniel Rose

The perfect song ?
« Wish you were here « Pink Floyd

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instagram : @elisacrossow_
twitter : @elisacrossow

Elisa C Rossow, Paris-Montreal

Posted Wednesday March 25th, 2015