Gaëlle Leroyer, Montreal

Posted Wednesday November 12th, 2014

Gaëlle Leroyer

**Name/ nickname** Gaëlle Leroyer – Gaga

**Where do you live ?** Montreal, Québec

**Your job?** barmaid and future photographer

**Describe yourself in only one sentence :** I am a curious young lady who likes the beautiful simple things of the life, as a beautiful light on the end of autumn day.

**Why do you have tattoos ?** To have recollections engraved for ever. To tell stories…

**What is your interest in tattoos ?** The precision, the details, all that we can realize on a skin. The fact that every tattoo is unique

**What or who is your artistic inspiration ?** I like very much Guy le Tatooer’s tattoos. I like his gradations in dotted lines, his mandalas, his particularly recognizable design.

**Who is/ are the Tattooist(s) who have stung you ?** Guy le Tatooer.

**What is the story of your tattoos (numbers, place, … ) ?** On the front arm, I have a triangle with a circle and figures 837 inside. I am an only child. In a certain time (not so long ago) the relation between my parents went very badly and they really almost parted. I was right in the middle it and I absorbed a lot of emotion on both sides because my parents squabbled enormously. On the other hand every time we had good discussions, it was to speak about the time when we lived in our country house (where I grown up). We could tell stories which had taken place there low for hours. More and more the address of my old house ( 837 ), began appearing to me almost everywhere (by looking at the hour, by making calculations, by watching TV) and every time this number reminded me at that time. Today my parents became reconciled and are always together. I was anxious to engrave to remember which we in welded together. The triangle has three points, representing I, my father and my mother. The circle represents the union and the impenetrable stories .. That’s it.
I have a knife Opinel with an apple cut in two on other before arm. This tattoo is in memory of my grandfather, but also for ever to remember that it is important to appreciate the simple little gifts of the life. Shortly before the death of my grandfather, we shared an apple with a knife while chattering.
With a knife I cut a piece for my grandfather, one for me and vice versa. We talked of this and that. That very evening, this one confided to my mother that it had never eaten an apple which was also good. This memory is one of the last vouchers before he dies. I have the sentence ” Només Tu ” on the left hand. Having lived in Barcelona for a few weeks during a journey, I wanted a sentence in Catalan. This one means ” only you “. Because in life, it is only you that can realize your dreams and give a kick up the backside to you to make a success of them. Nobody else is going to make it for you. It is a young to reminder. I have other tattoos but these are the most important.

**When did you start ?** 16 yo

**What was the reaction of your friends and family ?** My father asked me if the tattoo came out

**Your next tattoo ?** Any idea

**What would be your definition of the tattoo ?** A way of expressing yourself. Not to erase what the time= can sometimes lead to forget us.

**When you will be an old man/ old woman ?** I shall be as thousands of the other old ptits: tattooed and proud of the being

**Your favorite picture ? Artist ?** I could not name only one. I liked very much Alexander McQueen for all his clothes and glaucous parades. I always admired this artist for are unique imagination and his sense of the truth! He could really bring us in another world… Otherwise recently I discovered the work of Richard Mosse. I liked a lot his photos captured with an infrared camera in Congo. All the greens go out pink. It is as to add of the beauty in a country or it is often lacking…

**Your favorite restaurant ?** I could not name only one … I like Mile-Ex, Anabel wine bar, refreshment room at Simone, the Art Café in Montreal. Otherwise I also adore Auguste to Sherbrooke

**The perfect song ?** I wish you were here, Pink Floyd

**Your site, blog, twitter, instagram, or other web stuff …** All the accounts instagrams which publish magnificent photos of landscapes of all around the world. I adore instagram because that allows us to travel and to discover new places.

Her [**blog**](

**What entertains you right now ?** The photo and still the photo. I try to inquire as much as possible about this art and about those who masters it.

Gaëlle Leroyer, Montreal

Posted Wednesday November 12th, 2014