Kendra Morris, Paris

Posted Tuesday September 23rd, 2014

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Name / Nickname Kendra Morris

Where do you live? New York City

What is your occupation? Singer and songwriter

Can you describe yourself in just one sentence? I’m like an onion or a collage with many layers of the life that I’ve lived and the things that inspire me.

Why did you get tattoos? I love art and feel what a better way to express myself and my experiences than through the art I choose to wear on my body.

What do you like about tattoos? I love various styles of tattooers both recent and of the past, watching how it all began and how far it has come as well. There is something so cool how you can point to a picture on your body and it can serve a purpose as sort of a way to encapsulate a memory or an important moment in your life. I love hearing the stories that go along with each.

What/who inspires you artistically speaking? Along my right side I have all birds… I think birds are an incredible animal both physically and the way they each have their own individual call. On my left side, I plan on collecting tattoos and stories from artists that inspire me.

Who is/are your tattoo artist(s)?
Mike Aul in Detroit MI
Amanda Wachob NYC
A few other tattooers but Amanda and Mike have done my favorite ones.

Can you tell us the stories behind your tattoos (number, placements…)? Blue Cat on left hip – my first tattoo ! I got it with my two best friends while on spring break in Miami, Florida when I was 18. We didn’t listen to the tattooer when he gave us aftercare instructions and instead went into the ocean right after, then we proceeded to scratch ourselves once they got itchy. Needless to say, it didn’t heal very well. Now I have a blue blob on my left hip and a great memory with my friends. Pink Lightning Bolt below left ear – back when I lived in Florida – my girl band Pinktricity, got our logo ; the pink lightning bolt tattooed somewhere on our bodies then we broke up a year later… Guitar pick outline on left forearm – hanging on with my buddy one night in the East Village and after doing shots of tequila we decided to get tattoos on St Marks place. Small stars with no black outline on forearm – had my friend Danny do it at New York Hardcore. Just loved the idea of stars with no outline. Swallow with blue background on right arm – the first bird I got from my neighbour Josh who was learning how to tattoo. I was his first colour tattoo and he did it over the course of five hours in his kitchen one night. Birds on a wire on right chest and hummingbird on right hand – done by Mike Aul at Spiral Tattoo in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Variety of birds with no outlines on right arm – by the lovely Amanda Wachob when she was at Dare Devil in NYC. I’m a huge fan of her work and it has been awesome watching her work progress over the years. I plan on having her do more on my right arm in the near future!!

How old were you when you got your first tattoo? I started when I was 18 years old.

How did your friends and family react? My mom said… ‘ You know that is going to be there forever.. right ?! ‘

When are you getting the next one? In February I’m going to get poked by Slowerblack! Still not sure of the design yet… I love her work.. i’m sure she’ll come up with something just right.

Give us your own definition of the word tattoo? Self expression!

And what about when you get old? In the words of R Kelly…’Age ain’t nothing but a number !’

Who’s your favourite artist/what’s your favourite artwork? My favorite picture is the one of my family that is stuck to my fridge.

What’s your favourite place to eat? Supper .. a great italian restuarant in the east village..

To you, what’s the perfect song? A song that moves you. You’ll never forget it.

What are you website, Twitter, Instagram, etc.?
twitter : @kendramorris
instagram : @kendramorris
facebook… kendra morris !!!!

What entertains you right now? My dog Taco and my boyfriend’s dog Willy Nelson when they get into a fight in bed at night. Who needs TV when you’ve got crazy pets!

Kendra Morris, Paris

Posted Tuesday September 23rd, 2014