Laura, Brussels

Posted Tuesday October 28th, 2014

**Name/ nickname** Laura

**Where do you live ?** I am in apartment in corent in Liège, in Belgium, and often weekends I bring in to see my family in the Ardennes;)

**Your job?** I don’t have one for the moment, I make a Formation of Canine Educator / instructor in Liège, but my dream would be to be able to work in a Zoo!

**Describe yourself in only one sentence :** That it is really the kind of thing that I find too hard, I would say even of myself that I am Indescribable

**Why do you have tattoos ?** Because I simply really wanted it, it is a decoration and an accessory for me, but also a kind of need I would not know how to explain why it is a thing which I feel

**What is your interest in tattoos ?** The beauty of the drawing, but also the fact of having something indelible on me, in my skin, and the fact of telling me I suffer for the credit note thus I deserve him(it), ca becomes a kind of pride as a matter of fact

**What or who is your artistic inspiration ?** I like the Mandalas and this kind of style but also all which is Vintage as drawings, old objects, old portraits, because all which is old and former I adore that… Often I flash on the work of a tattooer before any, his style, its drawings.. My inspirations can be very varied in fact I can like a little bit strange very black thing then at the same time I would also want be tattooed characters Disney because I adore that;)

**Who is/ are the Tattooist(s) who have stung you ?** The first tattooer (for my round arch and my diamond) it was Laurent, of Laurent Tattoo in Liège.. And the second (for my watch fob) that was Tania, of Great Tattoo, who tattooed before at Stigmat tattoo has Tamines then now she is only in Morlanwelz;)

**What is the story of your tattoos (numbers, place, … ) ?** I thus have 3 of it at the moment:
– The small round arch behind my nape of the neck, made in October, 2012 if I remember well, the rather painful, vertebral beginning of the column… I began with an any young because I have to admit it I was afraid, pain which I did not know, I knew that I would make height but I had to begin slowly, not really of precise, just meaning that I like the fashion clothes etc.;)
– The diamond on my before arm, made in Mars 2013, no meaning either particular, I just liked very much this drawing.. For laughter I say has everybody that this diamond it is the beginning of my possible intended – kept silent dream about Laura) wealth!
– The watch fob on the highly-rated of my right thigh, made in November, 2013, that lasted for a long time a voucher 2 hours and a half, I was not well;) again and again, no very deep meaning (it doesn’t matter) I just simply fell in love at first sight for Tania’s drawing I asked him(her) if she had already made it to somebody she said no to me I have say OK I want it !;)

**When did you start ?** In 20 years in fact, not too late not too early I find;)

**What was the reaction of your friends and family ?** My parents messes it a little, they are really cool for that, they have each of it one or two thus well, my sister has height of it also thus no marigolds, and my friends also does it, just has there my grandparents which include less, which ask me if ca fades, if it is for the life etc. but well otherwise any bad reaction etc.;)

**Your next tattoo ?** In the beginning of November, 2014 normally, current project / drawing with Tania 😉

**What would be your definition of the tattoo ?** “ Tattoos are like potatoes chips, you can’t just have one…” 😉

**When you will be an old man/ old woman ?** Then ca so has there well something about which I do not worry it is of my future life especially so distant! We shall see less my folds and wrinkles under tattoos here is!;)

**Your favorite picture ? Artist ?** I always loved a lot Magritte, its works are really too great, they look more than 30 seconds and that it is interesting I find, later I am not specially very Art, Painting, I m know it that a little, I also love Picasso. I prefer objects, furniture, and other vintage, former(old) things, I adore the beginning of the 20th, the 20s 30, the 50s 60 also

**Your favorite restaurant ?** I so much like eating, impossible to choose a single restaurant! But as soon as it is good a little bit gastronomic food j adore express, otherwise I like the Asian, French, Italian food also;)

**The perfect song ?** No but stop the questions impossible to answer a single thing;) I love too much singer / singer and too much style different… But I would say Michael’s songs Jackson, of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Stromae as well on and height d other;)

**Your site, blog, twitter, instagram, or other web stuff …** – My Twitter cest @Work_Earn_Shop
– I also have Tumblr: http: //
But not still of Instagram or Vine or other one, even if I would like but I have a not very new gsm, that will come;)

**What entertains you right now ?** Take advantage of the life, make that I want (within reason), to take advantage of my family, just to be Happy ca suits me well

Laura, Brussels

Posted Tuesday October 28th, 2014