Marc Winchester, Paris

Posted Tuesday October 28th, 2014

Marc Winchester

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Name/ nickname Marc Winchester

Where do you live ? Valenciennes

Your job? Paint people

Describe yourself in only one sentence : “we are all madmen here”

Why do you have tattoos ? In the life, all that we see every day has a certain shape of art. A picture, as one wall in the street or about is the thing that you cross some glance in the 5secondes which follow your desire “to look” at the world. In one certain moment of my life I had it have a good laugh to look at objects of art and I have to decide on the being. Today I can go nakedly to the Louvre people will stop and will see the canvas which extends of my feet to my neck.

What is your interest in tattoos ? The fact that every tattoo has for me a meaning, it is going to have a landmark there which is going to take place in your life, some are going to photograph it, of the other one the twitter, I made myself a tattoo and that’s right which is beautiful. My body becomes the picture of my life and this commonplace and amusing enough quoted because you say to yourself that some people have already lived him it but do not make it in tattoo in the same way as you

What or who is your artistic inspiration ? Mainly Tim Burton and Glenn Arthur, but to be honest it is the daily life, the films, the comic strips ect but especially the music. Without music no inspiration.

Who is/ are the Tattooist(s) who have stung you ? I want to say he is alone and is called Marc Winchester!! On 97 % of my tattoos the 3 % which stays are tattooers to whom I returned once in passing in front of their shop by telling me ” that it is a cool tattoo parlor ”

What is the story of your tattoos (numbers, place, … ) ? The number? I has to not be far from 100 but to be frank has so much that it of it I shall know how to not count them? Every tattoo has a story, the music impact represents a music that I listened to 3 months when I began my diet and in the course of which after the anorexia and the faintness, nosebleed and memory lapses I managed to lose 32 kilos by making only of the sport and by eating a meal on the day. I also have one “23” on the directory which represents the day of my engagement with the bomb whom is in my life. A crow on the right shoulder because I am simply a fan of a book that my given my cousin when I was a child and in which it finds the poem of Edgar Allan Poe ” The crow ” and by reading I had a monumental slap and at this moment there I decided to become a nice person. I shall not explain any coach there is too much thus I chose heads or tails because they represent all something important and I shall not have been able to choose between all.

When did you start ? I have to begin in 17 by begging my mother to sign the maintaining authorization she regrets.

What was the reaction of your friends and family ? For the first one not really of reaction except the fact that I shall have that for life on me. On the other hand in 15 eme we treated me “convict” and there many people treated me sick person, whom I had of it far too and more. But well the mentalities thus change the reactions also, if it was not the case we would be still persuaded that the earth(ground) is far from being round.

Your next tattoo ? in twenty minutes

What would be your definition of the tattoo ? ” It was necessary to be painted to be a man: the One who stayed in the natural state did not distinguish himself from the brute ” Claude Levi Strauss

When you will be an old man/ old woman ? The meaning will be always similar and in regardants I shall have a small smile, and I can persuade my grandchildren that I am an old prisonner lol.

Your favorite picture ? Artist ? Glenn Arthur, and I have no favorites of it because they are quite magnificent.

Your favorite restaurant ? The house of my parents, has always improbable dishes there which go out of their kitchen but it is always excellent. Otherwise the KFC because the chicken it is so good.

The perfect song ? Aisn’t no sunshine, Bill Withers

Your site, blog, twitter, instagram, or other web stuff … Winchester’sblackdrop

What entertains you right now ? My fiancée, for 1 year;).

Marc Winchester, Paris

Posted Tuesday October 28th, 2014