Otto-Man Barber, Paris

Posted Sunday April 26th, 2015

Otto-Man Barber

In collaboration with INKED MAG FRANCE

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Name / nickname Otto Man Barber

Where do you live? Paris

What is your job? Barber; Private chauffeur

Describe yourself in one sentence: a bear.

Why do you have tattoos? At first, it was out of rebellion (Sarajevo 1996), but also because my body is a space for personal expression

What interests you about tattoos? The artistic expression of the tattooist, and the communication of my feelings and my story through the image

What/who are your artistic inspirations? Joel Peter Witkin, Araki, Goya, Banksy, the Maclain group

What Tattooist(s) have stung you? Fatalitas, Laura Underskin Bastard, Sadhu Le Serbe, William l’Aiguille, Rudy de Amecis at “Blood and Milk”, Romain Pareja at “Hand in Glove”, Koadzn at “Chiale Baby”, Mojito Tattoo, etc. etc.

What is the story of your tattoos (number, placement, etc.)? Arm, torso, leg, hand, side… 19 tattoos total

What age did you start? 19 years old

What was the reaction of your friends and family? “Why do you marginalize yourself? What’s going on?” Ahhhhh ahhhhh

When is your next tattoo? Very soon

What about when you become an old man? To have been as I wanted to be and to have had the freedom to adorn my body as I wanted

Your favorite restaurant? In Paris: “La Pulcinella” (18th district), “Chez Camille” (Montmartre), “Le Bar du Lycée” (9th district)

The perfect song? “Get up, stand up” by Bob Marley, “Porcherie” by Berurier Noir, and “Cayenne”

Your site, blog, twitter, instagram, or other web stuff… OttoManBarber on Facebook

What motivates you right now? My daughter

Otto-Man Barber, Paris

Posted Sunday April 26th, 2015