Lorenzi, Paris

Posted Monday December 29th, 2014

Veste : Gstar Raw, Marc Newson

In collaboration with INKED MAG FRANCE

Name/ nickname : Lorenzi Dos Santos Tomas.

Where do you live ? Paris.

Your job ? Piercer and PR at Easy Ink Tattoo Art Studio Paris.

Describe yourself in only one sentence : Eternal dreamer.

Why do you have tattoos ? Most often to mark the moments in my life that are dear to me, good or bad as to never forget.

What is your interest in tattoos ? Most certainly seeing these masterpieces work with the rhythm of my body and my actions … See these pieces of art never leave me … even year after year!

What or who is your inspiration ? In an imaginary world that sleeps in a corner of my head.

Who is/ are the Tattooist(s) who have stung you ? They are the ones next to that I worked in a few tattoo parlors where I went. Today at Eazy Ink, are Marion, Jerry One, Elizabeth Pires and Snooperstar buddy who works at Laura Satana (Exxxotic Tattoo), who stung some of my tattoos.

What is the story of your tattoos ? Many trace my past, what I am, it means a son of immigrant, who comes from the suburbs, made with nothing, who one day decided to move to the capital thinking that his dreams will be realized more easily and started meeting a lot of wonderful things he would not have even dared to hope in the past few galleys of course. Some also tell goals or dreams for the future. Anyway except my two arms, each tattoo tells a part of me, some things that I would not say modestly orally.

Your favorite picture ? Artist ? … I don’t have got a favorite painter but music attractions are turning to American rappers .

Your site, blog, twitter, instagram, or other web stuff … Eazy Ink, Facebook, my instagram, …

What entertains you right now ? keep the job I have right now at Eazy Ink always with great pleasure, I train intensely for several roles for short films in the coming months, and maybe to switch to the cinema …

Lorenzi, Paris

Posted Monday December 29th, 2014