Sandrine, Quai Branly

Posted Friday August 8th, 2014






Name/ nickname Sandrine

Where do you live ? I was in Tahiti for 4 years, I live in Paris now

Describe yourself in only one sentence : Exercize I never succeed in

Why do you have tattoos ? To mark certain moments of my life but there is also an aesthetic aspect.

What is your interest in tattoos ? The irreversible aspect and the relationship of trust which is established with the tattooer on a common project. I also like observing the reaction of people in front of tattoos.

What or who is your artistic inspiration ? I like tattoos Old School, BD, old movies.

Who is/ are the Tattooist(s) who have stung you ? Matth Sospha à Tahiti

What is the story of your tattoos (numbers, place, … ) ? I have 4 tattoos: a series of butterflies on the right hand; a fairy on the right hip; a diamond on the stomach and Santa Muerte head on the left thigh.

When did you start ? 33 yo

What was the reaction of your friends and family ? The reactions were rather positive, except for my parents who put more time to become used to it.

Your next tattoo ? Nothing to the program at the moment. A meeting with a tattooer is needed to give to me the desire to be tattooed.

What would be your definition of the tattoo ? A kind of unique and individualized trademark.

When you will be an old man/ old woman ? I shall be a tattooed old woman and the idea pleases me a lot.

Your favorite picture ? Artist ? The movie Gilda.

Your favorite restaurant ? I like too much the good meals to choose only one.

The perfect song ? « It’s now or never »

What entertains you right now ? Take advantage completely of Paris! (And learn the Japanese).

Sandrine, Quai Branly

Posted Friday August 8th, 2014