Snooperstar, Paris

Posted Monday February 23rd, 2015


Name/ nickname

Where do you live ?

Your job?
Graphic designer and tattoo artist

**Your site, blog, twitter, instagram, or other web stuff **
instagram : @snooperstars
Facebook  : $nooperstar

Why do you have tattoos ?
My first tattoo I made it alone at the age of 13 to make as big with whom I dragged. I tried to tattooed a scorpionn my astrological sign, on my skin, it was impossible, I have to think of a plan B, thus the scorpion was transformed on a M capital letter the first letter of my first name.

What is your interest in tattoos ?
There is several things which interest me in the tattoo, of among which: of tattooer side, the satisfaction to see people being happy of their tattoo as well as be satisfied with its own work it is as a pride to see somebody wearing your work for life. Then, from the tattooed side, it is necessary to admit that there is a part of sadism because it hurts but we return to it, and more seriously the definitive aspect and the meaning give all its sense to tattoos.

What or who is your artistic inspiration ?
My inspirations come to me of everywheren any milestone of my life can be a motiv to get tattooed, or inspired me to tattoo other people. For my realizations, I am inspired by many of the techniques of certain artists I like. (Lopes José, Jun cha, we are going to quote Mister cartoon for hiscompositions, and well on Laura Satana of exxxotic tattoo)

Who is/ are the Tattooist(s) who have stung you ?
I have no official tattooer, but it is true that Laura Satana made me some. Other tattoos were realized by artists as Walter Hego of [l’Encrerie] (, Christophe for my first ones of All tattoo as well as Tiasma of exxxotic tattoo with whom I work also, myself for my forearm and other artists on conventions …

What is the story of your tattoos (numbers, place, … ) ?
Ah ah ha hahahaha. The number, the question, really I have no exact number, because in every added tattoo I arrange so that it’s a patchwork of pieces on my arms, it’s about good and bad momentsn loss of close friendn new people in my life, my state of mind made by artists or by myself. But the whole in black and grey.

When did you start ?
when I was 13

What was the reaction of your friends and family ?
My parents were really upset, ahahahahaha “you be going to be cataloged like a hooligan, and all the negative descriptions which go with” otherwise now that gets much better. And I don’t care about the others.

Your next tattoo ?
it will be a realistic portrait of my dead grandma

What would be your definition of the tattoo ?
It is the realization on the skin of our life

When you will be an old man/ old woman ?
Well when I will be old, I will be old lollllllll The old men, we do not concern the same look at them as on younger people, thus that will disturb me not at all.

Your favorite picture ? Artist ?
I have no single one artist or a single work which I prefer as I explained it, I can be amazed by everything in the daytime by shape of diverse art, I like the work of Jun Cha but I quote him he because it is what comes to me to the head as I answer but that could be somebody else at the another moment not than I do not have rather but I do not list things which affect me.

Snooperstar, Paris

Posted Monday February 23rd, 2015