Yann, Mass Hysteria

Posted Wednesday October 1st, 2014

Name / Nickname Yann

Where do you live? Paris

What’s your occupation? I’m a musician.

Can you describe yourself in just one sentence? Always looking for the best

What do you like about tattoos? The look of them, I think they’re beautiful, can’t explain why!

What/who inspires you artistically speaking? Religious art and calligraphy.

Who is/are your tattoo artist(s)? Blaise, Tin-Tin, Sacha, Navette, Christian (Belleville, Paris)!!

Can you tell us the stories behind your tattoos (number, placements…)? It would take me hours to answer that question! Latest one I got reads Remords (remorse) on my back, so I won’t do it again!

How old were you when you got your first tattoo? 18.

How did your friends and family react? Well.

When are you getting the next one? Real soon I hope.

Give us your own definition of the word tattoo: Freedom

And what about when you get old? I’ll be old… and tattooed.

What’s your favourite artist/favourite artwork? Bukowski, Ellroy, Richardson, Lindbergh, Elmer Batters , Hetfield, Hanneman, Patrick Deweare …

What’s your favourite place to eat? Villa Sushi (Pigalle, Paris)

To you, what’s the perfect song? Reign in Blood by Slayer

What are you website, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? I like anything about fitness.

What excites you right now? I really want to write songs and make the best possible Mass Hysteria’s album!

Yann, Mass Hysteria

Posted Wednesday October 1st, 2014